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Oh No! No Gym for Me!

Yes, turns out I went and hurt myself moving some furniture.  I have been instructed to not lift anything more than 5lbs and to not do any heavy exercise for 2 weeks. 

Although, I must admit that this is slowing down the weight loss that I was (am!)  hoping to have, it is also giving me a chance to become more disciplined with my diet. 

This morning I started off with a meal replacement shake that I have been using for a couple of years now.  I made a Chocolate Peanut Butter one this morning.  Can you say “Yummy”?  Sometimes I think this stuff is sinful it tastes so good.  I even make this recipe when I feel like ice cream and just make it really thick.  Then I eat it with a spoon very slowly.  Absolutely sinful.

Sometimes, just putting down what you eat can help you be more successful.  That’s what I am going to do here for all of you, for a few reasons: to see that even Health Coaches are not perfect and you do not have to be either, and to show you one way that you can get a balanced diet that is low in calories but still nutrient dense.

For a snack today, I chose some celery, cucumber and hummus (be careful with the hummus unless it’s home made…store bought brands can be very oily).

Lunch is vegetable soup: carrots, green beans, spinach, tomato, onions and celery and a cup of brown rice.  The great thing about vegetables is that you can eat such large quantities of them before you consume a significant amount of calories, depending on how they are prepared. 

What do those of you out there eat when you’re trying to lose weight?


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I am a Health Counselor and I have weight to lose!

I few weeks ago I started a Body Transformation Challenge.  I have partnered up with a personal trainer in the Cape Cod area and have already got six participants.  I enrolled myself too!

I have been a Health Counselor for a few months now, but there are still times when I don’t feel like I am being authentic, because I still have weight to rid myself of and, more importantly, I still have sugar cravings that I am struggling to get rid of, especially when I am stressed out.

This blog will allow me to be accountable to someone, even if it is a nameless someone out there in the abyss.  I think that it may be helpful to all of you out there to see that even people who are out there working day in and day out trying to help other people get healthy, don’t have it so easy.  We are all on the same journey.  It’s just that I have spent more time learning about living in a healthy way.  But, as we all know real success comes from knowing someone and having them really know you, and call you out when you’re doing something wrong.  That’s what I’m asking of all of you.  I’m asking for your help.

To your health!


You can’t help those who won’t help themselves

The hardest part of doing this work is this:  I have always been someone who loves to help people and now I have the tools to do it.  Now, this might not sound like something that is difficult, but…it’s true.  Once you have the tools and the desire to use them, it’s really difficult to take a step back when someone doesn’t realize that there’s a problem, or is too busy playing victim to try to do something about it. 

It’s even worse when this person is someone you really care about like a family member or close friend.  You see, when you eat something that is bad for you…most people don’t feel bad right away, unless you’re really, really aware of what’s going on in your body.  The effect is cumulative and happens over time, so it’s very difficult to explain to someone why a healthy lifestyle is in their best interest.

I found that when I first started learning about this “stuff” I was in “Warrior Mode” and just wanted to run out and save the world, starting with those close to me.  What I have since realized is that if I saved the energy I spent trying to drag the unhealthy “horses” to the water, I could help five times that amount of people who were ready to live up to their potential.

Life has been much more peaceful since this realization, but it hasn’t stopped me from sometimes forgetting that I have come to this conclusion (and maybe making one too many smoothies for those around me).

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Hello world!

Hello to all of you out there!

I am so excited to be starting this blog.  I love to write and write weekly articles on Examiner.com too.  For those of you in the Cape Cod, MA area, these articles feature local businesses that help people live a healthier lifestyle as well as events that are happening in our area.

But, those are news-like…sometimes it’s nice to just say something in a more conversational tone.  I hope that by blog will be a source of information and inspiration to all of you.