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Slim and Sexy for Summer: The Teleseries

It’s easy to pack on the pounds in winter, when no one’s looking and a day on the beach seems a long ways away.

But, there’s no time like now to make the healthy changes that will keep you slim and sexy all year long, especially when beach time comes around in a few months.

This teleseminar is a quick overview of some simple tips to start yourself on the road to health so that you can rock that bikini with confidence this summer.

We will also do a brief introduction to my upcoming teleseries: Slim and Sexy for Summer.

I currently have two Slim and Sexy for Summer in-person groups. These women are doing so well, that I realized, there just has to be something there and that I absolutely need to share it with more people!

Most participants have lost at least 2lbs a week and in the first week of the program two women released more than 8lbs and 3 released 4lbs! Now, that’s results! It’s Biggest Loser with a Holistic Spin on it that you can do at home 🙂

So, if you want results like these and want to learn more about this fun, exciting new program, join me on March 10th for a free preview.

But, even if you don’t want to commit to three months of healthy lifestyle changes and a slimmer summer waistline, join me for the Top Ten Tips anyway – its FREE! Hope to see you there 🙂

Check out the event on Facebook and register there for free.



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Life in the judgement free zone

I am often asked what the benefits of Health Counseling are.  When I actually had to sit down and think about it I realized that it is the balance between being held accountable and being able to have a safe place to air your true feelings without being judged.

Think about it – who do you usually talk to when you’re upset or need advice?  Well, for most people it’s their close friends or family and let’s face it – they have their own motives for wanting you to think or be a certain way.  For example, your friends know the you that you have always been, whatever that may mean to you.  Now, what happens when you want to change?  I know from my own past experiences that a lot of the time they are not too happy to see the old you go.  You might be happy with the change that you’re making, but they’re just upset because they don’t know how to respond to you now that you’re not the same person anymore.  This can lead to frustration on both sides.

Wheras when you’re meeting with a Health Counselor or Health Coach, however you prefer to think of it, their only goal is for you to get better.  If leaving behind a bad relationship is what’s best for you, that’s what they will support you to do.  If eating more greens is what you need, that’s what they will support you to do.  There is no ulterior motive in your talks with a coach.

At the same time though, a good coach knows how to keep you accountable.  Most people need some sort of a direction, which is why they seek help in the first place.  It is particularly hard to navigate the sea of health and wellness without someone who knows how to see through the mis-representations, because there is so much information out there.  Personally I believe that it’s also because of the reason that everyone eats.  You wouldn’t see people telling  builder how to frame a house, because not everyone frames everyday.  However, because we all eat and watch television, we all believe that we have a right to tell others what to do by way of their diets.  This can be really dangerous when it comes to food.

It is a very special gift to be able to share with someone whose sole purpose is to help you get well, but it’s also great to have that same person give you a kick in the butt when you need it 🙂


For those of you that need more support you can always reach me by sending an e-mail to chantell@elementalhealthandwellness.com or visiting my website
I hope that you enjoyed this entry.

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What Do You Tolerate In Your Life?

It sounds terrible doesn’t it? The verb means 

1) to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit.
2) to endure without repugnance; put up with: I can tolerate laziness, but not incompetence.
I’m sure most of you knew that already, but sometimes it’s helpful to see something in front of you.  It’s then that it makes the biggest impact.  Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant and then eaten at the same restaurant can relate, I’m sure.  You know the menu (hopefully) but sometimes you need to see something in front of you to make a decision.
Most of us believe that we don’t tolerate anything, but ask yourself: What do you want from your life that you don’t have yet?  What are you unhappy with in your life?  Guess what – you’re tolerating that.
For example two thirds of Americans these days tolerate being overweight.  There are tools out there for us to use, professionals to seek out and loved ones to ask for help.  But, what’s the problem.  In my humble opinion, most people believe that they cannot do it.  They don’t think that they are worthy.  Or, they are so afraid that they will fail that they don’t even try.  Can you relate to any of this? What’s really stopping you from making a change that will lead you to the life that you secretly want?  What can you do to make this happen?  Trust me, I was in those shoes not too long ago.  I am still there on some issues (hey, no one is perfect).  But, taking action help you to feel more capable and more fulfilled in your life and who doesn’t want that?
One of the greatest blessings in being a Health Coach is seeing the shift in awareness in my clients when they realize just how much they can achieve if they put their minds to it.  Sometimes it starts with losing 5 pounds.  Sometimes it’s as simple as eating less processed foods than they were a month ago.  Sometimes it’s sticking to a schedule that they made when they have been never been able to stick to it before.  It could be as simple as having one glass of water more a day.  Whatever it is, big changes happen when you make little changes a habit. 
I dare you all to go out and try something new today!
For those of you that need more support you can always reach me by sending an e-mail to chantell@elementalhealthandwellness.com or visiting my website
I hope you enjoyed this entry.

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How to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Just thought that I would share an article that I just published on Examiner.com. 

Valentine’s day is usually a time where we focus on the people that are closest to us: boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.  It is a time when love is in the air and the promise of a wonderful life with someone is all that we think about.  But, this year let’s talk about the closest relationship in your life: your relationship with yourself.

Your body is never selfish.  Your heart pumps blood, your lungs breathe air and it maintains homeostasis without you having to tell it to do so.  This year why not show your body some love?

Try one or two or even all of these tips if you think it’s time for a better body image:

  • Celebrate the small victories: Maybe you were aiming to lose a pound a week.  A modest goal, but YOU DID IT.   Do something healthy to celebrate: go for a manicure or pedicure for example. 
  • Take a fitness class in a place that doesn’t have mirrors: It’s a great way to get in touch with your body, while not fixating on the problem areas.
  • Go shoe shopping: Shoe sizes never go up and it’s a good way to do something nice for yourself without worrying about the problem areas.
  • Focus on what you like about yourself: When you look in the mirror try to look at what you like about yourself: maybe it’s your bouncy hair or your striking eyes and not at whatever area you need to work on.
  • Sign up for a 5K race with a friend: There’s one almost every weekend and training for a 5K will have you focusing on crossing the finish line instead of worrying about your body.  The added benefit is that running is great exercise and you’ll be shrinking your waistline too.

I hope that you are all able to take some time to appreciate yourselves this Valentine’s Day.

You can read more articles or subscribe here: http://www.examiner.com/holistic-health-in-boston/chantell-baptiste

Cheers to your healthy life!

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Cleanse day yesterday

It’s funny how  we think that we need to eat six meals a day to be healthy.  Our ancient ancestors ate when they could find food – not all that often..a grub or two here or there, some flower buds if they weren’t poisonous and then if they were lucky enough to slay an animal they would all eat enough to sustain them for days.  In the current times we define a famine as going more than two hours without food.  Well, I am here to tell you that that’s not right!

A few years ago before I jumped into health and wellness full-time, I had gotten really heavy.  I was miserable, uncomfortable and overweight.  I was the emotional eater that I now counsel, so I know what it’s like.  I met a woman at a networking event who was a Holistic Health Counselor.  She has since become a really great friend of mine.  At the time she recommended that I start a nutritional cleansing regimen.  The program is centered around flooding your system with vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals and at the same time cleansing the body of toxins that make us sick and more importantly to me at the time, fat.

At that time I had tried every diet under the sun, so I figured “Why not? I have nothing left to lose.” I lose 5lbs on the first week of the system! That’s what I call motivation.  At the moment I am 2- 3 sizes smaller than where I was back then. 

One day of the week it is suggested that you do a “cleanse day”. On this day you do not eat any solid food.  I thought that there would never be anyway that I could do that, but after a couple of times trying (remember, the emotional eating issues) I got through one.  Every time I do it, it gets easier.  I feel like I am releasing that emotional dependence that I tend to have with food and creating a much healthier bond with what I put into my body.  I also notice that on a cleanse day, I have a lot more energy and sleep a lot better that night. 

It still brings up emotions for me.  When you cleanse the body, negative (toxic) emotions have a way of coming to the forefront too.  It’s a great learning experience.  I definitely had a tougher time yesterday than usual…I have had a very hard past three months, which I can explain in greater depth another time.  But, I will tell you that today I FEEL AWESOME. I am down an inch on my waist overnight.  I just feel lighter and less stressed.

Have any of you ever cleansed?  What was your experience?

To Your Health!



What is a negative calorie food and how can it help me lose weight?

There are a few sites whose newsletters I subscribe to.  One of those is Natural News.  I found this article  there that I would love to share with you.

It talks about negative calorie foods.  What a negative calorie food is, is a food that you eat that basically has less calories in it than it takes to chew and metabolize the food.  This is key for when you would like to lose weight.  Obviously many people struggle to lose weight because they overeat.  Eating a food like this though would enable you to eat as much as you want and still lose weight – a great tool when trying to lose weight!  Natural News lists the top five as the following

  • Celery
  • Lettuce, Onions and Greens
  • Kelp noodles
  • Pickles
  • Grapefruit

So, next time you stop by your local grocery store try to some pick up.  But, don’t forget the water!  That will always be your number one weight loss tool.

To Your Healthy Life!


Do you eat because you’re stressed, upset, angry or bored? Stop the cycle now! Contact me to schedule your free initial consultation or learn more about the work that I do by visiting www.elementalhealthandwellness.com