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What Do You Tolerate In Your Life?

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It sounds terrible doesn’t it? The verb means 

1) to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit.
2) to endure without repugnance; put up with: I can tolerate laziness, but not incompetence.
I’m sure most of you knew that already, but sometimes it’s helpful to see something in front of you.  It’s then that it makes the biggest impact.  Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant and then eaten at the same restaurant can relate, I’m sure.  You know the menu (hopefully) but sometimes you need to see something in front of you to make a decision.
Most of us believe that we don’t tolerate anything, but ask yourself: What do you want from your life that you don’t have yet?  What are you unhappy with in your life?  Guess what – you’re tolerating that.
For example two thirds of Americans these days tolerate being overweight.  There are tools out there for us to use, professionals to seek out and loved ones to ask for help.  But, what’s the problem.  In my humble opinion, most people believe that they cannot do it.  They don’t think that they are worthy.  Or, they are so afraid that they will fail that they don’t even try.  Can you relate to any of this? What’s really stopping you from making a change that will lead you to the life that you secretly want?  What can you do to make this happen?  Trust me, I was in those shoes not too long ago.  I am still there on some issues (hey, no one is perfect).  But, taking action help you to feel more capable and more fulfilled in your life and who doesn’t want that?
One of the greatest blessings in being a Health Coach is seeing the shift in awareness in my clients when they realize just how much they can achieve if they put their minds to it.  Sometimes it starts with losing 5 pounds.  Sometimes it’s as simple as eating less processed foods than they were a month ago.  Sometimes it’s sticking to a schedule that they made when they have been never been able to stick to it before.  It could be as simple as having one glass of water more a day.  Whatever it is, big changes happen when you make little changes a habit. 
I dare you all to go out and try something new today!
For those of you that need more support you can always reach me by sending an e-mail to chantell@elementalhealthandwellness.com or visiting my website
I hope you enjoyed this entry.

Author: Chantell

Have you been wanting to make a healthy change but didn't know where to start? Well, you've found it. My mission for my counseling practice is to improve the health of those who never realized quite how important it was before. I want to show the path to those who might have wanted to find it,but got so lost with all the information out there that they didn't know where to look. You deserve to be healthy and happy - all it takes on your part is a decision to make it happen and to have a good support system in place.

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