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Sugar – it’s no reward

Emotional eating – it’s the biggest obstacle that most people face trying to get healthy whether they want to lose weight, have more energy or simply feel better in their day to day lives.  When I look at the diets of my clients so often I hear comments like “I can’t give up my dessert”,  “I deserved that ice cream”, ” I had a tough day so, I’m allowed this beer after work”, “I’m not giving up my wine”.  But, what are you really giving up? 

All of the substances I mentioned break down into sugar eventually, so have you ever really paid attention to what these substances do in your body? For most of us when we think of sugar, we think of  how wonderful it will taste.  We think of that chocolate cake and how delicious it will be when we first bite into it.   We think of how it will feel in our mouths.  But what about what is really going on in your body? 

So often we look at cravings as a sign of weakness.  We think to ourselves: “What’s wrong with me that I need candy(or substitute your “go-to” food here) to get through the day?”  But, that’s not what cravings are at all.  Cravings are a sign from your body that you need something.  I know for me sugar cravings (yes, I do get them) happen when I’m tired, or if I’m upset about something. You see, what you could really be craving is that instant burst of energy that most people get from sugar or you could be craving more “sweetness” in your life.  It does not always have to be literal.  Think out what people do when they’re upset about something…most girls have a night in with their good friends; Ben and Jerry.  Couldn’t it be that the sweetness, let’s say from a relationship is gone and they’re looking for it in other places?

But, is that sugar really rewarding you?  After you eat that pint, do you feel any better about your failed relationship?  After eating dessert every night, work out for two hours the next day to burn off the calories you consumed and never getting anywhere with your weight loss goals, is that frustration you feel worth the cup or two that night that you eat to ease your frustration?  And, for some of you, is the hangover that you feel all Saturday morning, worth the two hours of drinking the night before.  Do you really deserve to wake up with a headache or a bulging waist line? NO!!!! Do you deserve the sugar CRASH that happens after that initial “high”? NO!

What you really deserve is true health.  What you deserve is the waistline of your dreams.  What you deserve is to look good in that little black dress and what you really deserve is to be happy, vibrant and full of energy to live out your dreams.

We all need a little reminding now and then.  Love yourself to make the better choice for your body.  Put yourself first, for once.




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