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What Could You DO Without Distractions?

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Even a coach needs a coach sometimes and I am certainly proof of that.  One thing that I notice very often in the Holistic Healing arena is that I so often meet people who are really passionate about what they do.  They are so inspired by all the ideas that they have to help people to get well that they end up doing nothing at all.  I realized when I was in school that this was no way to help people at all.  After all if you are suffering from “Analysis Paralysis”, you probably don’t have any clients.  If you don’t have clients, you aren’t helping anyone. 

But even I have fallen into that trap.  It’s hard when you see people in pain to not want to help them, but chasing people who aren’t ready for help doesn’t get you anywhere either.  So, I started a coaching program with Life and Business Coach, Helen Kosinski of Better Than Ever Coaching.  Only three days into the program I have realized that when I set my mind to something – I can achieve so much more than I did before.  This was a powerful realization for me this week.

Then, this morning I met with a client, who described me as a coach in the following way: “Task Master – You know what I need to do to feel better and you somehow find a way to get me to do it”.  Isn’t that what coaching is all about?  That’s what I seem to be getting out of my coaching experience too. 

I find that working with my coach has enabled me to be better at my work than I was before.  That’s the power of having someone on your side.  How much have you been wanting to do and you never can seem to find the time?  Well, here’s some free coaching advice that you can apply to your diet, your exercise and the rest of your life – set a timer, shut off all distractions and see how much you can really get done if you aren’t multi-tasking.  I guarantee it’s more than you think!

Cheers to your good health!


Author: Chantell

Have you been wanting to make a healthy change but didn't know where to start? Well, you've found it. My mission for my counseling practice is to improve the health of those who never realized quite how important it was before. I want to show the path to those who might have wanted to find it,but got so lost with all the information out there that they didn't know where to look. You deserve to be healthy and happy - all it takes on your part is a decision to make it happen and to have a good support system in place.

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