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14 Days Without Added Sugars

Now that the holidays are “officially” over, it’s time to get back on track. I had resigned myself to the fact that my diet would not be perfect for the holidays, but I still try to eat well for the rest of the day.  One thing that I do notice, though is that after the holidays the sugar cravings abound.  This is because of all the deserts, no matter that they are small portions.  Sugar is a very addictive substance that actually hits the same pleasure center in your brain as some “recreational” drugs.

So, in order to re-balance my body and center myself I have decided to start today with a 14 day sugar celibacy – from noon today to January 10th.  Having to be accountable to all of you that read this is just what anyone needs to get back on track.  Please join in with your thoughts! Cheers to your (and my) success.