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How am I like that?

I am currently doing a course at the nutrition school that I attended called “Immersion”.  This is something that us health coaches do, after we graduate to help us to build our businesses better.  In one of the lessons a teacher talks about great questions to ask clients (and ourselves) to deepen our coaching relationship – a deeper relationship = more trust = better results for the client.

Anyway, one of the questions that you mentions is to ask yourself: “How am I like that”.

This is a tough one, because usually, it comes on the heels of you being really frustrated with someone, as we all can be when you really care for someone.  A good coach is almost as invested in your success as you are, which is why a lot of us cannot work with someone who is not really committed to doing the work.  Making changes means defeating self-sabotaging habits that may have been there for a while.  NOT EASY, at all.

But, if you are willing to do the really tough work and be real with yourself some amazing things can happen that will send your life in a completely different direction, for the better.  So, when has complete anger or frustration crossed your mind recently?

I have a friend that works in a local restaurant.  The shift leader and her do not get along and it creates a lot of grief for her.  She (the shift leader) is always taking things personally and then trying to rally people against my friend (her words, not mine).  So I asked her “how are you like that?”  It took her a while, but she commented that she has been known to take things personally herself and that it was something that she was working on.  Perhaps, this is just what she needed to grow as a person. 

Debbie Ford said once in a lecture of hers that I was listening to that what you see in others, good or bad, is a quality that you also have.  How could it serve you to keep this in mind and to ask yourself “how am I like that?” in the future?

Cheers to your good health!