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Join in the fun at the Santa Run

The weekends are usually a time where we relax and try to get some rest after a long, hard week. But especially at this time of the year, it is also a time where moms and dads look for something healthy, fun (and not super expensive) to do with the family. Enter the Santa Run. Why take your child for a picture with Santa at the mall when you can take a picture with thousands of them all in one day?

On Saturday thousands of people will dress up as Santas and run a 5K in New Bedford. The Santa races span the globe and the Northern Ireland race in Derry City even holds the Guiness world record for the most people dressed as a Santa in one place, with over 12000 Santas participating in that race.

The races benefit charities worldwide and this year’s race in New Bedford benefits the Southcoast Health Systems Cardiac Prevention Program. It always feels better to get up early in the morning and run in costume when you know that you’re doing it for a good cause. And adding costume to a race makes it so much more fun!

Common benefits of running include:

  • Weight loss
  • Disease prevention
  • Relieve stress (especially great in the holiday season)
  • Fight depression (great when it’s cold and dark outside a lot)

Getting some outdoor activity in early on Saturday can set a healthy tone for the rest of your weekend. The children will love being out there and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you set a good example for them to follow in years to come.

For more information about joining the Santa Run this weekend click here.

Here’s a clip from one of last year’s participants: http://www.examiner.com/video/santa-run-2011-start